perfect christmas


perfect christmas

Now the coziest time of year has begun, it’s the year for a perfect Christmas. A time of family, good food and fun. We all definitely get all hyped up for Christmas. But I found some other ways to enjoy this joyous time that you probably have not thought about. And here I say it again: like in all areas of life planning goes a long way to make an absolute perfect Christmas happen. No matter if it’s going to be a white Christmas or not.

I love Christmas because I enjoy setting everything up for my whole family to enjoy and I have a lot of help from my daughters and sons who feel just like me.

You need to set the mood

perfect christmas

In our home we started decorating right after Thanksgiving. Every year Christmas is all about this warm feeling. So, it’s time to make it feel and look wonderful and amazingly cozy. There are so many great things that will invite the Christmas spirit. Just little things like candles, cozy Christmassy throws, pillows, and sparkling lights.

Start Right Now

perfect christmas

Get a piece of paper and pan and start planning for your perfect Christmas. You can start by setting small goals like morning, lunch, afternoon, evening, and night.

Before the actual Christmas day plan the cookie baking. In our home it’s a tradition to bake all kinds of goodie cookies. When that is done you can plan for the great Christmas day.

Spread activities like, cooking. Christmas story, prayer, presents, family walk and meals across the whole day. It’s a fun thing to do – you just have to think about how you want everybody to feel throughout the day. From planning what to eat, the music you’ll play (of course it will be Christmas music) and all the goodies you want to serve, will make the mood for a perfect Christmas. Maybe you want to cozy up in your pajamas early morning and opening presents with all your loved ones with some hot chocolate nearby. That would be an amazing beginning of the wonderful Christmas spirit.

If you plan everything out you won’t be stressed, and everything will work out wonderfully. Knowing that everything is planned out and that everything is ready will really relax you and have you enjoy the day without the hassle that can take away the good feelings about this wonderful perfect Christmas.

It’s time to get your music list ready

perfect christmas

Music is just the one thing that gets the perfect Christmas mood going. Choose your favorite Christmas music and give it some thoughts how you want to create your perfect Christmas music list. Think about all the people you will spend your perfect Christmas with and hit the taste of them all so there is something for everyone.

What will you watch as a family in the evening?

It’s for sure that you will watch some perfect Christmas movies even if it isn’t on the big day itself. My personal favorite Christmas movies are perfect to cuddle up an enjoy:

Home Alone

Miracle on 34th street – White Christmas – National Lampoons Christmas Vacation – The Christmas card – It’s a wonderful life.

…. And the list could go on.


perfect christmas

On a perfect Christmas day, food offered at a festive set Christmas table is the most favored and anticipated activity. You want to have plenty of it and have it prepared beforehand. It’s Christmas and you want to have it perfect for all to make it memorable – so, be as creative as you can to make it the best Christmas ever!


What are you planning for your perfect Christmas? We love to hear from you.
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