My daughter wrote a short assay about appreciation that I can’t resist on sharing with you. It fits so perfectly to the beginning of the new year. Relax and enjoy!

By Sabina Wilson

The Joy Of Appreciation

To feel appreciated is to get the feeling of being truly valued. When I am engaged in taking care of my loved ones and planning wonderful things around our lives, especially now that my kids are older also the visits, I feel most appreciated and happy when I see their excitement and joy of us being together.


It’s a feeling of joy I spread with my actions and which bounces back through their joy of receiving.

Also, if I get a gift I always show joy because of them giving it to me. That is all I need to be happy about it. The same goes for me giving a gift. To feel appreciated I need to see their joy over my gifts and a Thank You is most welcome. I’ll be gloriously happy. I would give my last shirt to see that joy and appreciation on a face.

Overall, to feel appreciated I need to feel that my beautiful creations and ideas are noticed by the ones I do them for. “That was a good meal”, or “that looks beautiful”, or “what a great idea” goes a long way. When I see ungratefulness in young people I think they miss the point of feeling appreciation about the fact that they were thought of when receiving a gift or service. And I think their heart is lacking feelings.

Giving and receiving of time, service, gifts, words etc. is giving the feeling of appreciation back and forth —— both benefit and become rich in love. (End of article).

To me appreciation makes us feel happy and that converts into beauty from the inside out. Even a simple smile can make us feel happy and rejuvenated which we appreciate greatly.

What do you think about appreciation? Let us know by commenting below.



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