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You are probably not looking forward to the cold weather ahead of us. But I will make you love it. Trust me!!


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cold outside

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Even though it is hard to imagine that all the chilly winds, snowstorms, and frigid temperatures are actually good for you or that could possibly be any benefits from the cold weather coming up at the end of October when you see and hear everyone sneezing and coughing. But it is; for your health and for your skin!

Contrary to our beliefs, health professionals say that there are plenty of benefits the cold temperatures deliver for our bodies and minds.

cold weather

Going for a brisk walk after a fresh snowfall is one of the most exhilarating, stress-reducing things I can think of during winter. In cold weather we are more likely to burn calories faster, breathe fresher air, and therefore think clearer, and we spend more quality time with our loved ones, and that is definitely good for our mind, body and spirit.

Let’s dive into 14 Benefits of cold weather, which will inspire you to embrace colder temperatures:


1. It will Increase Your Energy

Exposure to cold temperatures and walking in cold weather will increase your energy disbursement for hours. You don’t even have to be in the cold for too long either, just 15 to 20 minutes will do. So, go for that power-walk.


2. You Will Sleep Like a Baby

Cooler temperatures will make you sleep better. Since insomnia is pretty common and those people have higher body temperatures to begin with, a nicely cool bedroom around 60 to 68 degrees are ideal for a good night’s rest. So, make sure the thermostat is down and while you do so you save money on energy bills while you are sleeping.


3. It Stimulates Calorie-Burning Fat

The chill in the air is actually firing up fat cells. The fat that we want to get rid of is the heat-producing and calorie-burning fat that babies use to regulate their body temperatures. Adults retain some brown fat, too and we don’t like it. It is not good for us adults.


4. it Makes Your Mind Works Better

All that warm splendid weather actually makes you stall complex decisions. Warm temperatures deplete our resources and because glucose is used for mental processes it unfavorably affects our decision-making abilities.


5. Cleaner Air Means Better Breathing

Winter means no bad air quality and high ozone levels anymore that are so common in the spring and summer months. The crisp, clean, clear, and fresh cold air makes this time of year great to be out there in nature, taking long walks or short brisk ones and breathe deeper to get that quality air into your lungs and blood stream.


6. It gives You Rosy Cheeks Without Blush

More benefits of cold temperatures include the fact that it trains blood vessels in the skin to be responsive, causing the redness or so wanted blushy cheeks. There is no excuse for not going out there in the cold for that all-natural look.

cold weather

7. It is the Perfect Temperature for Running

Have you ever wondered why marathons are held in late Fall? The lesser heat stress on the body makes it easier to run. Running in hot and humid weather is extremely tough on the body. The

University of Michigan researcher revealed that worms exposed to cold temperatures proved a genetic response that triggers longer life spans, and The Scripps Research Institute found that reducing the body temperature of mice prolonged their lifespan, as well. This could possibly apply to humans too. I can imagine it does!


8. It Reduces Inflammation

Putting an ice pack on an inflamed muscle works extremely well to reduce swellings and pain. Therefore, why not also cold weather? For quick post-work-out recovery, athletes are using cryotherapy, which is extremely cold temperature treatments for sore muscles.


9. It Fights Infection

Going outside makes you more resilient. Cells that fight infections in the body do actually increase when you are outside in cold.

cold weather

10. Encourages Long-Distance Conversations

Being warm and cozy inside when it’s freezing outside, makes you take the time for long, meaningful phone-, FaceTime-, and skype conversation with friends and family. And it’s a fact that nothing is more therapeutic than a long quality conversation with your best friend.


11. You Will Like Your Body More

The good feelings we get from not having to worry about what to wear to get our body to look good during the cold winter months will actually give us a boost in the self-image section. It’s also the time where fitness an important factor due to New Year resolutions.


12. It Will Make You Burn Calories Faster

Brisk walking or jogging will burn more calories in less time. So, don’t be a couch potato and layer up for that winter walk.


13. Causes us to Appreciate the Good Days to Come

Studies have shown that constant warm weather and sunshine doesn’t make you happier. Your mood is brightest after a longer time of cooler or darker days. Get ready to be happy, winter is around the corner.



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