As we get older our skin starts to get wrinkled and we certainly don’t like that. We want to look youthful. We want to look younger longer. Therefore, we need to moisturize our skin.Our skin needs to be moisturized daily. Besides drinking 8 glasses (8 oz per glass) of water each day to moisturize it from the inside out, we also have to help our skin by giving it moistness from the outside.




Nothing is more important than to moisturize your skin. This dewiness gives our skin that youthful glow that we are longing for. It keeps our skin healthy and smooth. This youthful glow is the look of healthy skin. Healthy skin is achieved by taking care of your skin every single day.



Never forget to cleanse your skin from make-up and your eyelashes from mascara. If we don’t cleanse our skin before bedtime it can’t breathe properly because the pores are clogged. This will make your skin look dull and grey. Cleansing your face from make-up at night will also prevent breakouts.


Remove Mascara:

Your eyelashes need to be cleansed from mascara because otherwise mascara can stain our eye lashes and can also cause lash fall out. We need to make sure that the mascara is not expired as it can cause inflammatory conditions.

So much about eye lashes. Now let us jump back to keeping our skin moist and healthy to have it look lush and get that certain youthful glow.


Healthy Skin Care Routine:

I use Juvele Ageless Skin cream morning and night. It moisturizes my skin all day and after cleansing my face at bed time I dab it on with my finger tips and gently massage it into my skin. It feels so refreshing and it keeps my skin moisturized all night. This cream only needs a very thin layer as it goes a long ways.  

In the morning I cleanse my skin again and dab this great cream on to moisturize and nourish my skin. When necessary I can put a thin layer of liquid make-up on and it won’t clog my skin because it mixes well with Juvele’s Ageless Skin cream.


I have used this facial routine for years now and it hasn’t failed me. My mom has used Juvele Agless Skin cream for years and nobody would ever believe that she is 93 years old as in the above picture. She went to the other side in 2014 and is so very much missed by me and my children.

What facial routine do you have? Let us know by commenting below.



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