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Sculpt Your Face To Boost Bone Structure

The bitter truth is that as we get older we lose volume in our cheeks, so we need to boost our bone structure. As we age, gravity is shifting the soft tissue down towards the jaw line. This gives the face a tired and aging look and the illusion of sunken-ness and a more aged look than the age we really are.



To give us a more youthful and healthy looking facial skin most treatments on sunken cheeks are working on stimulating collagen and to restore volume to the malar soft tissue region.

Treatments are time-consuming and can have side effects like slight redness or milder swelling when using the laser treatment to stimulate the collagen that will tighten the facial skin and reduce the effect of hollowness.


The Natural Way

But there are much better ways to reduce the effect of sunken cheeks. Adding something light makes the cheek bone area appear more dashing. An illuminating liquid highlighter applied in some kind of upside-down triangle under the eyes makes the cheek bone area look more prominent. Do this after applying an anti-aging moisturizing cream unto your entire face and neck. It is important to nourish and moisturize our facial skin before putting on blush or other make-up.

Apply the liquid highlighter to the under-eye area between your lower lash line and your cheek bones with a tapping motion and then blend out the edges with your fingers.


Face Sculpting To Boost Our Bone Structure

On the same note I want you to learn how we can sculpt our face. It will also boost our bone structure to let us look youthful and attractive.

As aging has it our metabolism can lead to extra weight or maybe you have a rounder face anyway. Using a strategic application of blush can give us that youthful, sculpted look that we all want. By turning your head slightly when brushing on blush makes most of the blush go on the side of your face and not just on the apple of your cheek. Using this strategy will give dimension and depth to your face.

Do it the right way by using your fingers to apply the blush unto your face with small, circular motions from your cheeks apples slightly upwards towards your ears. Best thing is to relax your face when applying the blush, so it will look natural. Do not smile while applying it as it will give you an unnatural look.

Doing this will make us look youthful and attractive. It will boost our bone structure and let people wonder about our age.  I use a blush cream as it makes my face look natural.



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